Brig G.S Rathore
                Brig G.S. Rathore

The Nainital Cantonment has come into existence in the year 1878.With the passage of time, the Cantonment has experienced considerable progress and development and as on today, it is a Class IV Cantonment. The Cantonment Board Nainital has been catering to the civic amenities for the civil population residing within the Cantonment, which include Sanitation, water supply, Roads & Paths, drains,parks,street lighting,schools, Dispensary & libraries etc. In the recent past, the Cantt. Board has created several public utility projects.Apart from the above, large scale beautification works, improvement of parks and gardens have been carried out. The Cantonment Board Nainital has been maintaining High Standard of services and also keeping the assets in a good condition with utmost tenacity. With the promulgation of RTI Act, 2005 and the thrust for e-governance, the Cantonment Board has initiated action for launching of Cantonment Board Web site, for a better interface between the Cantonment Board and the public. Therefore, it is indeed an honour for me to announce the launching of Cantonment Board Nainital web site and I hope this step will augur a new phase of governance in the history of Nainital Cantt. by bringing the public and the Cantonment Board much closer by way of increased efficiency, transparency and responsiveness.


CEO Akanksha Tiwari(IDES)
          CEO Akanksha Tiwari(IDES)

With the promulgation of Right to Information Act, 2005, the Cantonment Board, Nainital has availed the opportunity for wider dissemination of easy access to information for the public by launching the Cantonment Board Web site. It is expected that the newly launched Web site would further increase the interface between the Cantonment Board and the public. The transparency which is the inherent feature of the Web site will instill more faith in the administration. The Nainital Cantonment Board is the recent past took a giant leap forward in terms of creation of multi utility assets, beautification, maintenance of parks and gardens etc. It is indeed a great pleasure for all of us when people visiting the Cantt. appreciate the efforts of the Nainital Cantonment Board regarding the proper upkeep and beautification of the Cantonment. Yet there is a lot to be done as progress and development are continuous processes. ...It will be our endeavor to provide easy access to maximum information for the general public to bring better interface between the public and the Cantt. Board and making the functioning of Cantt. Board more transparent and accountable Therefore we invite suggestion and feed back from the public on website so as to make it more informative and user friendly so that the very purpose of launching the website can’t be achieved to the maximum extent. The good governance is possible only with the active participation of the co-operation from the public. We believe that this web site will work as a medium for the same.




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